Are you in the marketing in search of a new patio for your home or business in Miami? Well, you should know that there are many material options. And you probably already know that the most popular material used by patio paving contractors in Miami is concrete.

If you go with the concrete option, among the many materials out there, for your hardscape, there are two ways to install this, and they are either as concrete patio pavers or as solid concrete, and there is a difference between these two installation processes. And this is what we will be discussing in this article.


It is common knowledge that when you plan on installing a patio in Miami, the first thing that is done is to plan out the area. You will want your patio to be accessible, to be in the right area of your property, and for it to be evenly shaped. The right contractor will be able to help you out, once they have a patio plan, what they will do is to outline the area and start with on the digging. The next thing they will do is to place a layer of base material and ensure that it is well leveled.

paver driveway cost miamiIf the patio pavers are being used, then they will begin at one end of the patio, placing the pavers on the ground. As the contractors move around the area, they will do well to make sure that the pavers are in the right pattern, and that they are evenly spaced. What they will do next is to apply another layer of special sand on the patio so that they will fill the cracks between the pavers; after this, they will compact the area so they can create a seal.

If they are working with solid concrete, the contractors will line the patio area with wooden planks so they can create a border. And then, they will pour a layer of liquid concrete into the framed area; once that area is filled up, then they will smoothen it down to ensure that it is leveled. Once all that is accomplished, the concrete will need 48 hours to set and cure completely; this is usually facilitated by heat, so the setting and curing happens faster in dry weathers.

Maintenance and Repairs

Both processes, the solid concrete and concrete patio pavers are easy to maintain in Miami. The concrete material is resistant to a lot of forces like water, mold, rot, mildew and so forth. You can easily clean concrete with a brittle broom, warm water, and any cleaner that you choose. Another thing, both the solid concrete and concrete patio pavers can be sealed for extra protection.

When it comes down to repairing damages like cracks, fractures, holes, and divots, the process for repair for both the solid concrete and the concrete patio pavers is quite different. Pavers are usually installed with small slabs and stones, a damaged piece can both be easily removed and replaced with a new one.

Once your solid concrete has a damage, you can easily patch it over, but if the damage is a significant one, there is a probability of your having to replace the whole patio area.