We at Driveway Pavers Miami are a professional hardscape and paving company that serves all of Miami, FL, and the surrounding Miami-Dade County area. We are a fully staffed company with licensed pavers, design specialists, and paving contractors, fully dedicated to meeting all your paving needs. We aim to make sure that you get both a professional and expert hardscape and landscape paving service for your home and/or your business.

When it comes to choosing the right hardscape and paving company, deciding can be a tricky thing. Hardscape and paving projects are typically big projects for any home, and you certainly do not want to pick at random a paving company to handle that project, you want to ensure that you pick the professionals.

Driveway Pavers Miami has an expert hardscape and paving services that will be conducted accurately, and, also in a stress-free way. While working with us, you will see why we are the best hardscape and paving company in Miami, FL.

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New Driveway Installation in Miami

If you are looking to completely redo your driveway, going as far as putting a spin on your typical concrete driveway, then our professional company has the solution for you. We have a new driveway installation team that is willing to work closely with you to help you install that new driveway.

We always ensure that our expert driveway installation service is beneficial to us as much as it is to you. This way, we are able to keep the installation pocket-friendly, getting you a new driveway here in Miami, FL.

driveway asphalt pavers miami fl


To know more about our driveway installation service, simply request a quote. You have the reins to how creative you want us to get with your driveway installation and ensure that you provide us with enough information concerning your driveway. Once we receive your quote and have communicated in some way, our expert driveway installation team will come to your home to confirm all the details and measurements.

This enables our expert driveway installation team to get the proper amount of materials and tools needed to complete your new driveway installation in Miami, FL. And once this is done, our expert driveway installation team will handle the rest.

Cost of a New Driveway Installation in Miami, FL

The thought of having a new driveway installed can be overwhelming, and this is understandable considering the fact that these services usually cost a lot. We at Driveway Pavers Miami are dedicated to establishing trust with our customers, and to providing them with a budget-friendly new driveway installation service.

We will work with you to help you design and install a new driveway for your Miami home. You will get the best value for your money, and, also receive an expert driveway paving service along with high quality driveway pavers.

You can always call us if you have any questions regarding our services. We are always happy to help.

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